New features in version 6.0

October 03, 2010

Release of version 6.0, freeware for Windows.
New features:

* Enhanced appearance and improved animation of the progress bar.
* Enhanced appearance of the status panel (this is the panel that displays 'ready', 'working', 'paused', 'error').
* Enhanced appearance of the toolbar buttons.

* Added: inside the settings screen, you can now specify whether a report will be displayed in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes.
* Added: an option '[none]' to display reports without thousands separators.

* Added: when Disktective uses megabytes or kilobytes (as specified in the configuration screen) and some amount is rounded to zero megabytes or zero kilobytes (but the actual amount is not zero bytes), '+0' is displayed (instead of just '0').
* Changed: the number of bytes, kilobytes or megabytes) displayed no longer contains leading zeroes but leading spaces. This is done to improve readability. The leading zeroes where used to improve alignment in previous releases.
* Changed: the report font is now a fixed-width Courier type to improve text-alignment.
* Changed: the report file format has been changed to '.disktec6' (Menu: File/Save as, Menu: File/Open). This means that reports created with previous versions, cannot be opened in this release (not even if you rename the file extension). Moreover, a '.disktec6' report file can contain multiple reports (trees).
* Improved: one of the advantages of the new file format is that the pie chart will now function when reports are loaded using Menu: File/Open. Previously the pie chart only functioned with freshly created reports.

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You can now sort reports (trees) using various criteria:
* Added: Menu: Sort/Alphabetically.
* Added: Menu:Sort/By size.
* Added: Menu: Sort/Reverse/Alphabetically.
* Added: Menu: Sort/Reverse/By size.

The menu structure of Disktective has changed.
* There is a new 'File' menu, which contains items to save reports, open reports and print the pie chart. When you perform 'Menu: File/Save as', all reports (in the left-hand pane) will be saved to a single '.disktec6' file. When you perform 'Menu: File/Open', any report (in the left-hand pane) will be replaced by the contents of the selected file.
* The report menu now contains items to delete the selected report (the active tree), delete all reports (all trees), and export the current report (tree) to HTML file or TreePad .hjt file.

* Added: a statusbar to the bottom of the screen.
* The 'Total number of files' message has been moved to statusbar.
* Added: If you click on a report (a tree) the statusbar will show the total number of files associated with that report. If have multiple reports open, and you click on another report (another tree), the 'number of files' message inside the statusbar will be updated according to the number of files in that report.
* Moved: the status-message "scanning: <current directory>" now is displayed inside the statusbar.

* Improved compatibility with DEP (data execution prevention) in Windows XP, 7 and Vista.
* Unfortunately, Disktective no longer runs on Windows 95 because it needs the system file gdiplus.dll which is not included in (nor compatible with) Windows 95.
* Disktective is compatible with Windows 98. However, some versions of Windows 98 miss the Microsoft gdiplus.dll file which is necessary. In that case, this dll can be downloaded separately. See here on where to get this file. Just copy the gdiplus.dll file into the Disktective program directory (or the Windows directory), then start Disktective.
* We tested Disktective successfully on Linux using Wine 1.2.1. To start Disktective on Linux/Wine you might first need to update the file permissions of the executable so that it is allowed to be executed. Then right-click on the executable and select a menu item similar to 'Open with Wine'. If this option is not available on your Linux distribution, (1) open a terminal window, (2) then goto the Disktective program directory (3) and type 'wine disktective.exe'. Some older versions of Wine do not run Disktective properly. This is due to a bug in the implementation of the gdiplus API in these Wine versions. To find out your Wine version, just type 'wine --version' in a terminal window.


October 07, 2006

Release of version 5.0.1, freeware for Windows.
New features:

* The Disktective Website now has its own domain: disktective.com.

Help menu and manual
* All links in the Disktective help menu and the Disktective manual have been updated so that they point to the new domain.


March 10, 2005

Release of version 5.0, freeware for Windows.
New features:

* Added: directories are now listed ordered by size
* Bugfix: sizes of very large files (larger than 2 Gb) are now calculated correctly
* Bugfix: when scanning a drive, the amount of free space is now displayed correctly

* Changed: reports are now saved with the extension '.disktective' (and no longer with '.tre'). Menu: Report/Export report. Please note that the file format has not changed, just the file extension. Disktective can still open files with the old '.tre' extension.
* Added: Disktective can now open the report files (.disktective or .tre) through a command-line parameter. The command-line parameter consists of the file name including path, for example:
Disktective.exe "c:\reports\scan1.disktective".
* You can also drag-drop the file into the disktective executable (using e.g. the Windows Explorer File Manager), this will start the program and it loads the report automatically.
* Added: when disktective starts, it associates itself in Windows with the file extension '.disktective'. This means that you can now directly double click on a '.disktective' file to open it.
* Added: when you open a Disktective report file and browse the tree, the pie chart is now also displayed.

Pie chart
* The pie chart now is displayed with a background gradient.
* Bugfix: Prevously, when a text-label was too long, it would autosize the pie chart to such an extent that it would not be visible anymore. This has been corrected.

Help and manual
* Added:New shortcuts to the Disktective help menu for:
  - disktective home page
  - disktective online manual
  - disktective downloads page
  - Freebyte.com home page
  - Disktective downloadable manual
* Added: a new entry to the options screen, 'Ask when go online'. When this option is enabled, you are asked for confirmation before Disktective opens your webbrowser.
* Improved: the manual is now fully self-running. You do not need TreePad Viewer to open the manual.

* Bugfix: directories which are scanned are no longer locked by disktective


November 08, 2003

Release of version 4.0, freeware for Windows.
New features:

* Totally new and improved user-interface
* Much faster program operation
* Creates reports of disks and directories of many Gigabytes
* Integrated Pie-chart display
* Print Pie-chart
* Export to TreePad files
* New toolbar with seven new buttons (start, stop, export, print, open, etc.)
* Support for Windows XP themes/skinning
* New online Disktective manual
* New downloadable Disktective manual



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