Disktective toolbar
Descriptions of the toolbar buttons from left to right:
'Run' button: this button starts the process of creating a new report.
Disktective will ask you to select a directory first.
You can also use menu⁄process⁄start
'Stop' button: when disktective is running, this button aborts the process
You can also use menu⁄process⁄abort
'New report' button: clears the tree and pie chart. Allows you to start from scratch
Clicking menu⁄report⁄new report does the same.
'Open report' button: you can use it to load Disktective reports, saved with the 'export report function'
Alternatively click menu⁄report⁄open report.
'Export report' button: export reports to Disktective format, TreePad format, or HTML format.
Menu⁄report⁄export report does the same.
'Print pie-chart' button: prints the pie chart in the right pane. See also menu⁄report⁄print report
'Settings button' (or menu⁄options⁄settings): shows the Disktective settings screen
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